“Grab the headphones and switch off your mobile (imagine that!) to experience a sweet and positive musical interlude”

We’re a bit blown away by what The Groove Consortium had to say about our first album.

Mainly because you only need to spend ten seconds on all-things-art-aficionado Paul le Keux’s site to know this guy knows what he’s talking about.

Not gonna lie, we might have got all teary over his words. What a legend!

That, and being featured on a site like The Groove Consortium, is also a little bit awesome in itself.

Your one-stop-shop for design, style and cultural pleasure, this hub of creativity delivers versatile graphic design services, including photography, illustration, typography and image manipulation (both analogue and digital), as well as all those other essentials like flyers, album covers and logos.

You name it, they’ll design it.

On top of that they’ve also got a whole range of hand-picked books, CDs, t-shirts and films that are practically guaranteed to tickle your fancy. Don’t believe us, peruse the website at your leisure.

Or, if you’re in the mood to sink your teeth into something juicer, we challenge you not to get stuck in a Tumblr black hole devouring the cleverly-crafted words and rants of their affiliated blog, Words from the Groove Consortium.

Go on, we dare you.

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